Signal App - A Definitive Guide

 Signal App

Signal App, is the Replacement of WhatsApp App. If Any one want to secure their Privacy, Signal App is best.

Signal App - A Definitive Guide

That is the Signal App, see in below given image. if you want it then download it form play store or click here

Signal App - A Definitive Guide

Currently many people are sifting from WhatsApp to Signal, one of the major reason behind this is updated  WhatsApp Privacy Policies. WhatsApp announces that they are going to share detailed data with their parent company Facebook. Other reason might be the Elon musk factor.

After WhatsApp's announcement People are bit worried about their personal data, the best substitute for this can be Signal App and Signal is committed to keeping your data safe and private. Connect with us.

So People are started sifted to Signal App.

    What is Signal App?

    Signal App is a Simple Messenger application, available for all Platforms, like Android, Mac-Os, Windows. 

    It is cross-platform centralized encrypted messaging service, free for all around the World. It is developed by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.

    Signal uses Internet for sending one-to-one or group messages. It allow all file to send such as Images, Video, Documents, Voice Notes, Video Call, Audio Call.

    One Special feature for Android users is SMS App. 

    Signal App uses only mobile Number/ telephone number as identify you, and Secure all your talk or communications with other Signal user by end-to-end encryption. 

    Signal App is free and open source for around the world. you can download Signal App direct from Google Play Store. For Windows/ iOS user, Download from Signal Official website

    Is Signal Safe? 

    According to the Signal. Nothing is for prove, Because below given photo and Tweet show every thing. go through is. 

    Is Signal Safe?

    Check Tweet :- 

    What Big Players Think about Signal?

    Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Square
    "I trust Signal because it’s well built, but more importantly, because of how it’s built: open source, peer reviewed, and funded entirely by grants and donations. A refreshing model for how critical services should be built.
    Jack Dorsey
    CEO of Twitter and Square

    Laura Poitras Oscar-winning filmmaker and journalist

    "Signal is the most scalable encryption tool we have. It is free and peer reviewed. I encourage people to use it everyday."
    Laura Poitras
    Oscar-winning filmmaker and journalist

    Bruce Schneier Internationally renowned security technologist

    "I am regularly impressed with the thought and care put into both the security and the usability of this app. It's my first choice for an encrypted conversation."
    Bruce Schneier
    Internationally renowned security technologist

    Edward Snowden Whistleblower and privacy advocate

    "I use Signal every day.
    Edward Snowden
    Whistleblower and privacy advocate

    Why use Signal?

    • Share Without Insecurity
    • Say Anything
    • Speak Freely
    • Make Privacy Stick
    • Get Together with Groups
    • No ads. No trackers. No kidding.
    • Free for Everyone
    Why use Signal?
    Signal App Features 

    Other Info. 

    Why use Signal?

    Features Of Signal App

    Keeps your conversations secure.

    1. You can share text, Voice messages, Video, GIFs and File for free to any one across the world.

    2. You can make clear voice and video call to any one, free.

    3. Here you can share your own stickers and emojis or create stickers.

    4. Best and interesting feature is that you can start Group chat with family, friends or other around the world. 
    if you want Signal group link to join, then Click Here...

    5. Signal App is totally ads free application. 

    6. Best one is that, Free for everyone. Donate to signal

    Rating on Google Play Store

    Rating on Google Play Store

    How to Download Signal App?

    Signal App downloading process is very Simple and easy, any one can download.

    Do you want to know How to Download Signal App?

    How to Install Signal App/ Signal Desktop App?

    The Installation process of Signal app is easy and simple, no much information required. 

    If you want to know Detailed about Installation Process of Signal App, then Click.

    How to make Groups on Signal App?

    Groups are best and easy way to connecting with more then one members or peoples. so you can easily make new Groups on Signal App. 

    If you want to learn about making New group on Signal App, then click.


    If, Want to join Signal group, then Click on Signal group links.


    If you want to Share you Signal group with us then you can share via Email @ or also send in comment box


    At the End We can say, Now a time Signal is best messenger app available over Internet. So you can trust on Signal App, and Download it, Start to use. 

    Are you interested to Join any Signal Group Link

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